Asked about: Coe College

What was a typical Coe College student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend Coe College.


Anonymous, Student, Coe College, Class of 2018

Coe students tend to be the artistically-inclined geeks from high school. We like video games, Doctor Who, Pokemon, and Disney movies. We are passionate about learning- whether that be how to make better glass in the physics labs, the historical parallels of Love v. Virginia and United States v. Windsor, or modern compositions for the clarinet. We are equally passionate about becoming active citizens in our world and using our voices for positive change. In high school, we were probably found in the band room, at a pottery wheel, in a debate competition, or at a chess tournament. We achieved high grades, but knew how to be more than just academics. Social lives and studies go hand in hand for Coe students. We know that together we are more than one geek- we are a community.

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