What was a typical Tidewater Community College student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend Tidewater Community College.


Anonymous, Student, Tidewater Community College, Class of 2018

anyone can attend there are people here from all walks of life. I'm returning to school after ten years some people are fresh out of highschool others are just coming back to school after 20 plus years!

Anonymous, Student, Tidewater Community College, Class of 2017

Anyone who has graduated and is looking for either an certificate, associate degree or looking to start out at a community college and move on to a university should go TCC. They have online classes and classes on campus and hybrid classes. I am starting late in life going to this school but I see all types. I see young and old, single parents and married people. It is a great community and the teachers make it so people work together to help. It has a great community atompshere. With us being a military town it also helps out with the military men and women to get their education. The have a military office to help students get the best out of the education while serving in the Military.

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