Would you recommend attending Scott City High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Parent of student at Scott City High School

I would recommend Scott City High School, if I had the choice. I would recommend it because although it is a small school, there are a lot of teachers who teach her who have been instrumental in teaching me, and in building who I am today. I have learned tolerance from the teaching staff, even though the stereotype of a small Midwestern school might be that we are narrow minded, and prejudicial. I have learned that you can give your all to teaching kids about the world and pertinent subjects even though you may have had opportunities to teach at much larger school districts with much larger salaries. I have also learned that if a school has a vision that they think will be a good vision for the students, they will stay the course regardless of the outcome.

Five years ago, our school district decided to implement a school dress code, to teach students about uniformity, and have students focus on studies, and not to be dressed inappropriately for school. The thought was that it would be a safer school environment, and a richer learning environment. Although I am not an advocate of the school dress code, I admire the school for researching a problem, developing a plan, and sticking with the plan, despite the fact that no other schools around were implementing strict dress codes at the time, and stayed the course even when student enrollment dropped because students were leaving the school district because of the code. Even though I don't advocate the code, this is a great lesson for students about believing in something and sticking to it.

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