What is a typical Layton High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Layton High School.


Anonymous, Student, Layton High School, Class of 2017

The typical student at Layton high is driven and willing to learn. We are all united and stove to be our best.

Anonymous, Student, Layton High School, Class of 2016

Coming to Layton High School, I wasn't quite sure what the students would be like. I am a transfer student from the school regarded as "Layton High's Biggest Rival". I came to Layton High my sophomore year not knowing anyone. I was a little scared what I was getting myself into. BUT, little did I know, I had nothing to worry about. A typical student at Layton is a genuinely nice person who wants to be your friend. My first day at school, I was nervous. I thought "What if no one talks to me?" or "Will I have anyone to sit by at lunch?" I quickly found out, everyone is your friend at Layton High School. The kids there are so accepting. They accept you for who you are. They don't care if you're wearing the name branded "TOMs" or if your wearing the knock-off "BOBs". The people at Layton are genuine. My first period class was math. I kid you not, I had probably six or seven people come and talk to me. I didn't approach them (though I probably should have) THEY approached me. I was quick to learn Layton High was the best place school I could be. The teachers are just as great as the kids. The administers are awesome and want to help you. They do all they can to make your high school experience fun, easy, and memorable.

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