What is a typical Princess Anne High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Princess Anne High School.


Anonymous, Student, Princess Anne High School, Class of 2016

In general, there are three types of students at Princess Anne: The academically ambitious academy student, the photogenic and athletic school spirit propagator, and the smooth-sailing student who has adopted "hakuna matata" as his motto. Anyone who does not fit any of these molds usually finds a place in the "hakuna matata" group, since the competition is frequently too much in the other categories and opportunities for involvement are out of immediate reach. Which student are you?

Anonymous, Student, Princess Anne High School, Class of 2016

"Utopian" is a word that student leaders and teachers often use as a jest when talking about PA's environment. It is unlikely that a public school actually embodies this idea of a completely perfect institution in which every student consistently feels content and responds with productivity. However, there is significant validity in the statement when it comes to PA. A sense of blanket acceptance, cooperation, and collaboration exists in every class and organization within the school. Considering this, there is no "type of person" with specific interests or ideas that would be better suited for PA, for there is a group of friends and activities for every genre of person. However, there is a mindset that is used by all of the community's members which is essential: an understanding communication and collaboration in order to maximize the opportunities for one another is ultimately the avenue to success. This idea creates the enduring success that the school's athletic and academic programs experience. Such an idea broadcasted from colleagues and superiors allows PA to produce students that can be whatever kind of person they want, as long as they have the passion and diligence to achieve their goals.

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