What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Southeastern Oklahoma State University?


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Anonymous, Student, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Class of 2017

I am an online student so I am not sure what campus students do for fun but I can tell you what I do and that is play golf, hang out with friends and spend time with my husband.

Anonymous, Student, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Class of 2017

1) Attend school sporting events such as football, baseball, and soccer. 2) Southeastern also has a very good drama department and they put on many plays for the SOSU students, children and family's in the community. 3) Southeastern also has many events that are geared to youth in the community and sosu students help out with these fun outdoor events in hopes that more kids from the area will want to continue their education and go on to college.

Anonymous, Student, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Class of 2016

The top three things students at Southeastern do for fun is attend athletic events, including intra-mural games, together, eat out at local restaurants, and enjoy the hard work of the theatre department at Southeastern by attending plays.

Anonymous, Student, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Class of 2018

Sports activities, there is always cool things going on like 5k fun runs, and there is Lake Texoma which is highly popular in the warmer seasons.

Anonymous, Student, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Class of 2016

Based on the fact that I am one of the Southeastern Oklahoma State University, I comment that not every student get to participate in fun activities of campus living due to full-time employment and other adult-related responsibilities. Nevertheless, I do not feel that I am missing any fun activities. As a volunteer fire-fighter and an enforcement officer, I encounter a lot of challenging and adrenaline-enhanced situation. My personal favorite activity is the medical response calls, all for the simple reason -- I get to touch and forever affect people's lives. I know for a fact that there are classical music performances that I would love to but unable to attend. There are free lunches from local Baptist Church, served to anyone every Wednesday. Trips to Dallas area expose students to fine arts of classical performances, museums, exhibitions, and expositions. Many students' responses are very positive.

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