Looking for the best Brooklyn high school while also considering a nice neighborhood and cost of living?


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Noodle has some great tools which can help you in this school search!

I would recommend starting by going to https://www.noodle.com/schools and entering an address or location you are interested in moving to on the left side of the page. Searching for Brooklyn, NY will bring you to this page. Brooklyn is a pretty big place, so you can also search for particular addresses if you have some in mind.

From here, you have lots of ways you can narrow down your search. One great tool is the ability to Sort results. You can sort schools by a variety of factors right above where the Location question is on the left side of the page. When using this Sort, you will be sorting all schools within the distance listed under the location you entered. The default is 10 miles, so you might want to adjust this in order to get more or fewer results. The factors you are sorting on are the ones listed on the Noodle Report Care of each school. You can learn more about how those numbers are generated here.

In searching for a school, you may have other requirements as well. You can use the search panel on the left rail to help narrow your results, such as by grade level or religion.

If you are interested in Public schools, you will want to check out schools in your district. When you search for an address, you will see your school district listed above the search results. You will also see a map which outlines your district in the lower right of the screen, such as here.

Private schools are also listed on Noodle as well, but unfortunately they do not have report cards just yet, so they wont necessarily be ranked high when you sort results. There are many great Private schools in NYC, such as this one, and you can learn about them on their profiles and by asking questions there as well!

Private schools vary greatly in NYC, from their price to their religion to their academic and extracurricular offerings. You can use the search on Noodle to narrow down what you are looking for in the left side as well, such as by sports, clubs, and religion. You can try narrowing down Private school options here.

I hope all of this helps!

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Also how does the system work if I want a private school and is there much difference outside of religious?

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