Would you recommend attending Gilbert Christian Schools if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, GCS-Void of Virtue


What began as a wonderful blessing in education.. eventually became a nightmare. We were ignored, lied to, and patronized and consequently lost all trust with this school.

From discovering the headmaster's husband's past criminal convictions.. ...To the superintendent's shameful firing of the HS English teacher because she wouldn't give his son a better grade on the "blind-graded" paper. Also students who's parents donate most to the school are not disciplined for horrendous behavior, my child witness one such child flip her teacher the middle finger, and brag about being "untouchable". The teacher was in fact "let go" to retain the favor of the students wealthy family.

Areas of education are also completely inept- most notably, 6 years of Spanish for a straight A student resulted in ZERO knowledge of even simple 4 word Spanish sentences!

I feel like $42K tuition was stolen from us, as we were explicitly told to our faces (and in a letter from the Superintendent that he didn't "sign") and ALSO from the Superintendent's own mouth: "we are NOT using common core" and in fact they were COMPLETELY common core according to 5+ teachers past and present. The admins cannot promote or encourage good character because they don't display any themselves, hiding behind a saccharin-sweet facade.

I now understand the animosity the world has against "Christians", it's this behavior that gives us a bad reputation. In the early years, I encouraged everyone to attend- now, so much has changed, so many faults revealed, so many excellent teachers have left, I could never recommend this school... unless the entire administration is replaced.

Anonymous, Student, Gilbert Christian Schools, Class of 2016

This school has students and teachers that are much more welcoming and helpful than those in the average school. Even though this is the case, I admit that I have been to a better school.

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