Describe the type of student who should not attend California State University-East Bay and explain why.



The Bay Area represents a largely progressive area of people, and CSU East Bay is no exception. Of course everybody is welcome to East Bay, but somebody who is not willing to learn and grow from a social standpoint should not attend East Bay.


It's hard to say that there is students out there who should not attend because I believe anyone can and definitely should to gain experience. Though students who do not bother to socialize with others or try to communicate or join programs shouldn't attend. If a student is only focused on their major, anything from business to nursing, each require you to be social with people.

Anonymous, Student, California State University-East Bay, Class of 2018

Cal State East Bay is not a residential school, it is a commuter school. So it can be hard sometimes to meet people since you're only on campus for classes so you have to make an effort and go to events and meet people.

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