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Describe the type of student who should attend Ithaca College. Why?



The type of student that should attend Ithaca College should be open minded, tolerant, and willing to accept anyone and everyone that they meet for who they are. In the beginning of my first semester of being at Ithaca College, there was an issue with racism on campus that had been persisting for many years. There were protests and sit ins that anyone could attend. I, along with a majority of the campus, would go to every meeting and every protest, regardless of their race. In my opinion, staying open minded and believing in everyone around you, as well as joining together for a common cause that is so important to our society as a whole, are the most important qualities that anyone, especially an Ithaca College student, should have.

Anonymous, Student, Ithaca College, Class of 2019

Ithaca is open to anyone who applies. Students who are looking for a high quality education with small classes and personalized time with professors that care should apply. The majority of the campus is full of Music Majors and Communications Majors

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