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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Hiram College?


Anonymous, Student, Hiram College, Class of 2018

Hiram has lots of top quality academics to offer. Hiram has a tuition freeze so you'll never pay more than what you're expecting. Hiram's students and faculty are also extremely friendly and welcoming. I felt like I had been attending Hiram for years on my first visit.

Anonymous, Student, Hiram College, Class of 2017

Hiram has great academics with a large variety of majors and minors for every student. Very friendly and helpful staff and teachers willing to help you in any way possible. And a great campus and a nice town to live in.

Anonymous, Student, Hiram College, Class of 2018

The top three reasons are we have a great diversity among our students, education, and the energy of the college. We tend to make this place home for us if you enjoy being here. Over the time you will learn what it feels like to have a handful of different opinions on subjects. Our diversity is not only in the race or ethnicity, but through the multitude of different ways of thinking.

Anonymous, Student, Hiram College, Class of 2016

You basically create your own major at Hiram. The classes are small so there is more one on one time with the professors. Literally classes only reach 16 people and then lock people out. The science department is the with some of the best professors

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