Does Medicaid insurance cover ABA therapy for kids with autism? Are there any grants or sources of financial support available to help me assist my autistic daughter?


Dr. Kristin M. Kosmerl, is a BCBA-D and PA LBS who specializes in autism and applied behavior analysis (ABA)

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Many states are requiring not only medical assistance, but also private insurances to cover applied behavior analysis (ABA) services through BCBA's or other licensed providers for people 0-21 years old diagnosed on the autism spectrum. However, this is state specific.

For example, as a provider, I accept and bill private insurances for ABA insurances in PA and NJ due to their laws, that have made it possible.

More states are passing laws requiring private insurances to cover the costs of ABA to free up some funds through Medicaid/ medical assistance, which the hope is that money will be used for adults on the autism spectrum.

There are very limited services nationwide for people on the spectrum once they turn 21. The hope is with more legislation requiring private insurances and MA to pay for ABA, more programs can be developed for services after 21.

In what state are you currently residing?

I hope this helps.

Lunam Kelly, change the insurance

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Sometimes the standard insurance doesn't cover what we want or need. Thus, we should search for more specific insurances, which have good coverages and small payments. One of the medicare advantage King of Prussia is that the insurance is changed as you get older, sicker. People who chose these services are happy with the insurance's terms and they consider that they have done a good deal.

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It looks like Medicaid may cover some treatment options for children with autism. Last year, Medicaid asked states to cover "medically necessary treatments" for children with autism--treatments which include ABA therapy.

However, the extent of that coverage heavily depends on the state in which you live. I definitely recommend calling your state's Medicaid office to find out what your specific options are.

In terms of independent grants and financial aid for autism services, you may be able to find some on This page provides a fairly long list of grant programs and foundations that offer financial support to families.

You might, additionally, find some useful resources on the autism spectrum disorders page on Noodle. This page features articles written by experts in the field, as well as Q&A's with parents in similar situations to your own.

Try out some of these options and see if any of them help. Figuring out how to get support for your child is as critically important as it is often difficult. If you get overwhelmed or lost in the process, don't hesitate to ask more questions on Noodle. By being honest about your own questions and concerns, you create more resources for other parents who are struggling with similar issues.

Best of luck!

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