What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Niagara University?


Anonymous, Student, Niagara University, Class of 2019

Three reasons a person should attend Niagara University is because of the strong liberal arts program, the Vincentian roots and the small community aspect that it provides.

Anonymous, Student, Niagara University, Class of 2018

There a re multiple reasons one should choose Niagara. Most obviously the location of the school offers students the ability to see the scenic Niagara Falls from both sides, and no matter the time of year it is never a bad view. Secondly, it's a school dedicated to assisting others and helping those less fortunate, intended for the "real life" heroes who impact people's lives every day in a positive manner. Third, there is a large student community despite Niagara being a relatively small school. There are always student activities going on, from Thursday night trivia to Open Mic Nights every semester, you can always find some type of activity being planned on campus, and they are open for you to participate in, you just have to become a purple eagle first!

Anonymous, Student, Niagara University, Class of 2017

Someone should attend Niagara University if they want a solid education, they want a good college experience and to attend school on a beautiful campus

Anonymous, Student, Niagara University, Class of 2018

The top one is the loving atmosphere and wonderful people youll meet. The second is the wonderful professors and the learning experience. The third is the beautiful campus.

Anonymous, Student, Niagara University, Class of 2016

  1. The professors are absolutely phenomenal. They do not set your up for failure and they are very driven to have everyone succeed.
  2. The campus is awesome with great sightseeing things nearby like Niagara Falls, the Niagara Gorge, and the small town of Lewiston.
  3. It's a perfect combination of fun and seriousness.
Anonymous, Student, Niagara University, Class of 2018

The first reason is the academics. Niagara is a small enough school that the professors know your name and genuinely care about you, your education, and your future. Another reason, is the sense of community. Niagara is a small school but that has some wonderful advantages. Every student has a group of friends that they know that they can rely on. Lastly, Niagara is a home to their students. Most students, including myself, miss their parents and hometowns but never want to leave their new home and extended family.

Anonymous, Student, Niagara University, Class of 2015

First, For someone who works hard, Niagara University offers great scholarships that reward one for their previous educational efforts--making it affordable despite being a private university. Second, Niagara University is a small school where one has the chance to gain valuable connections to incredibly brilliant professors. As a small school, I know every single professor within my degree program on a personal level. They know my name, my career goals, my performance as a student, and even some of my background. They do not just smile and say hello when they see me. They will ask and ask about my studies, the research projects I am working on and the books I am currently reading. The faculty at Niagara University is invested in students--not just their performance within the classroom but also their preparedness for the future. Third, it offers opportunity. As a small school, it is so easy to get involved. I never planned on joining clubs or participating in activities, and as a commuter I did not think it would be possible or worth it. However, NU makes it so easy to feel like a valuable member of the university's small community. I was able to join several clubs, take part in several service learning opportunities, gain skills that led me to internships--all experience that I have been able to add to my resume.

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