Describe the type of student who should attend Eastern Florida State College. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Eastern Florida State College, Class of 2019

For me I think the type of student that should attend EFSC is one who wants to live in the Brevard county and one who lives there. and one who wants to get their basic education and one who wants to do a degree specific like medical, culinary, computer science, technology,education, and business and more. Its a small college were the teachers can interact with you directly and you can have less pressure on you about not being able to have contact with your teachers. The teachers are always there for you. The whole college staff wants to help you get in and out quick and easy on your own task and if your willing to put full commitment and hard work in your degree they will be there 24/7. So if your the type of student who wants all this in a college then EFSC is where you need to attend.

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