What's the best nursing program route to take in college?

I'm a student abroad, and I want to become a registered nurse in future. At the beginning I'll study in college about 2 years and after that transfer to university. Could you tell me detail about which program I should choose in college to carry out my plan?


Keith Carlson, Registered Nurse and Board Certified Nurse Coach

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Joan Spitrey is absolutely correct, and those prerequisite courses are definitely the place to begin. She is also correct in saying that contacting individual schools for their specific requirements would be smart.

Can you clarify if you have a high school diploma, and if you have already had some college experience? If you've taken college courses, what were they? If some were biological sciences or math, that may count towards some nursing prerequisites. If you'll be starting your nursing studies without prior college experience, there will likely also be some language, psychology, and other requirements, as well, just like Joan suggested.

Visiting the nursing department of schools in which you're interested is a good idea. You can meet with an advisor, review your previous educational experiences, and determine what the next steps should be.

Good luck!

Joan Spitrey, RN, Clinical Nursing Instructor

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It is awesome that you are trying to plan ahead and be proactive in your journey. This hopefully will save you a lot of time and grief.

Although you should ideally contact the nursing program you hope to attend, there are some basic prerequisite classes that are similar for most nursing programs. You will want to have a good foundation in the sciences - specifically the biological sciences. You will need to likely take an anatomy, physiology and microbiology class prior to applying. This will be along with traditional studies such as English, math and social studies. Other classes frequently requested are statistics and the developmental stages of life. Again, if you have an idea of the nursing program you would like to apply, I suggest getting in contact with them early so they can advise you on the best course.

Good luck & let me know if I can answer any further questions!

Keith Carlson, Registered Nurse and Board Certified Nurse Coach

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If I understand correctly, you want to study in a 2-year college and then transfer to a 4-year university. Definitely speak with an advisor at the university in order to fully understand the prerequisites for their nursing program, and then make sure that the courses offered at the 2-year school will be appropriate for your goals and accepted by the university. You just want to be certain that the courses you take will fulfill the requirements of the program you wish to enter.

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thank you for your share . I've read some information on one page . It mean if I want to study in college 2 years and transfer to university . Firstly,. I have to contact with counselor in university to know some subjects or classes that have in college . then I have to study these one in college until I have all of it . I can transfer to university to countinue studying . Is it right ? I really appreciate for your help

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