Describe the type of student who should attend Pittsburg High School. Why?


Anonymous, Parent of student at Pittsburg High School

Pittsburg High School is the only public high school located in Pittsburg, California. So, basically if you live in Pittsburg, this is where you would attend school. When you sometimes first think of public schools; the concerns of will your child get a good education if he goes there, will your child be safe, what kind of classes are offered, what are the class sizes, and what kind of extracurricular activities may cross your mind. I know it crossed my mind, being that my child attended private school for 8 years during his elementary and junior high school years. But, after my first year of my son attending Pittsburg High, a lot of my concerns were erased because my son absolutely loves the school that he attends. Pittsburg High is for all type of students of all races. If you are a student, who wants the full experience of "the high school years" life, Pittsburg High is for you. Although, the school caters mostly to the inner city students and their scores are not that high; it does offer a lot. If you are the type of student who wants to learn and go to college, Pittsburg High offers a variety of AP classes and Honor classes. They also have a Mastery Center that is offer after school if you need help with any of your classes. They have a variety of clubs, like Leadership, the Black Student Union, the Polynesian Club and etc. They have other classes like driver's education. If you like to make a little money, they have opportunities that the students can tutor the younger kids in the school district in which my son got selected to do, just last week. If you are the type of student who wants to participate in sports, they have about every sport that your can dream of, that you can participate in, Pittsburg High's football team is one of the best teams in the county in which my son plays football and run track/field. The type of student that should go to Pittsburg High is the type of student who wants to excel in their school work, by taking AP classes, Honor classes and AVID as I mentioned before. Also, if you want to feel appreciated Pittsburg High have two award assemblies a year, honoring the students with GPA's of 3.0 or higher, in which my son has attended both. If you are the type of student who wants to travel and see the world, the are opportunities to do that as well. My son was chosen, was the one out of two boys to be chosen to go to Japan last year in September 2015 as a foreign exchange student for 8 days. The type of student who loves music and plays an instrument should go to Pittsburg High because Pittsburg High has one the best bands in the bay. They were selected to perform at the Thanksgiving Macy's Day parade a few years ago and also have been to England to perform before The Queen. They are awesome!! If you are the type of student who wants to learn a trade, you should go to Pittsburg High as where they offer classes like Auto Shop, welding and Digital Recording. If you like to act, you should attend Pittsburg High because our drama department is great and put on several plays throughout the year. If you are a student that is interested in Engineering, they have a great Engineering Program. And lastly, but not certainly not least, if you are the type of student who is interested in Sports Medicine, Pittsburg High also have a Sports Medicine program too. So, as you can see Pittsburg High offers a variety of classes and activities to allow them to succeed. If you are the type of student who likes to act, plays sports and get scholarships for playing sports, go to college, has a musical talent, who likes to travel, who wants to get a trade, who likes cheerleading, who wants to just learn and succeed in life, if you don't want to feel judged based on the color of your skin, if you have a disability because they do have Special Ed classes Pittsburg High is the school for you!

Anonymous, Student, Pittsburg High School, Class of 2016

The type of student that would attend this school is a student in the area most likely of Mexican or African american decent because thats what the area mainly consist of.

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