Describe the type of student who should attend George Mason University. Why?



Students who want to expand their horizons and take advantage of every possible opportunity are best suited to attending George Mason University (GMU). The location, being outside of our nation's capital, affords exposure to people from diverse backgrounds which I had never before encountered. By just meeting a few students from abroad, one becomes exponentially more aware of the vastness and variety in the world. Within course curriculum, from computer game programming to botany to education and beyond, students have the chance to discover interests that they may have never heard of. I didn't know my chosen major, Conflict Analysis & Resolution, existed until I attended freshman orientation. The School of Conflict Analysis & Resolution is a pioneer institution, a interdisciplinary and revolutionary approach to interpersonal, inter-group, and international relations. There are so many opportunities for undergraduate students, from study abroad (which is one of the reasons I chose this school) to individualized research. We lie in a populated and demographically diverse area, just a metro ride away from DC, which allows students to meet and intern for countless organizations and institutions. The chances for excelling could be described as intimidating, but the university places emphasis on student well-being and there are many accessible support services around campus. GMU should be on the top of the list for any student who wants to maximize their potential and enjoy as many different, enriching experiences as they can.


If I were to choose the type of student who should attend George Mason, I would say that this student should be open to having their creativity and imaginations tested. As a large public commuter university close to D.C., there are endless possibilities around you at every corner. Everyday, a typical student would most likely find that their creativity is tested by the abundant opportunities that exist within each classroom and every social gathering. A typical student may also find that their imagination may be inspired as they are strongly encouraged by the incredible group of professors, instructors and faculty leaders. If a student is truly invested in attending George Mason University, they should look forward to the incredible opportunities that await them.


George Mason, being such a diverse student body who is so accepting and open to all backgrounds and orientations, needs students who are open minded, respectful, and maintain an eagerness to learn and understand.


To be honest, there is no "type" of student who should attend George Mason University. This is a highly diverse university where everyone from all races and cultures are welcome and accepted. Also, there are lots of people that come from places in Asia and Europe. Majors here attract all, ranging from nursing to various types of engineering to business.

Anonymous, Student, George Mason University, Class of 2016

The type of student who attends George Mason Universtiy is usually from a wealthy family and looking to study foreign affairs or politics. I however, am neither of these.

Anonymous, Student, George Mason University, Class of 2018

The type of student who should attend George Mason University is a student who wants to work hard and make business connections for the future. George Mason University is right next to Washington DC and there are plenty of internship opportunities for whatever major the person would like to go for. George Mason University is a safe and happy place to learn and grow as an individual.

Anonymous, Student, George Mason University, Class of 2017

George Mason University and its students pride themselves in being extremely diverse. By this I mean that anyone from any background is able to attend Mason and be very comfortable with the on-campus environment and the atmosphere of the surrounding Northern Virginia area. Every single day I see people who are nothing alike interacting, learning, and enjoying each other, which is one of the things that makes Mason so inviting, even to people who are not originally from the United States.

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