Describe the type of student who should attend Wayne State University. Why?



Wayne State University is the perfect place for a student that wants to be among a diverse population of people who are furthering their education to help increase their positive impact on the world.

Anonymous, Student, Wayne State University, Class of 2019

A type of student that should attend Wayne State University is someone who is diligent in their major. Someone who is task-oriented and serious about their goals. If they're not serious what are they going there for? Wayne State University is all about success and excellence. You also have to be a strong student to withhold some difficulties in terms of class work. The professors will test how much you know and you HAVE to be on top of your game. Even if you miss just one assignment, there's a chance it could mess up your grade. Also, each student CANNOT be afraid to ask questions. Each professor has their own special resources they can help students with. As long as the student can keep up with their assignments and study hard that is the perfect student for Wayne State University.

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