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What is a typical Centenary College student like? Describe the type of person that should attend Centenary College.


Anonymous, Student, Centenary College, Class of 2016

It would be impossible to describe a "typical" Centenary College student and what type of person they are. This school attracts so many different cultures and personalities it would be difficult to pin point one type. That is the beauty of this school and why I love it so much. I never felt like I fit in during my high school years because of all the cliques and groups people hung out with. Finally when I came to this college, I realized I do fit in and there are millions of other people out there who feel the same way. I guess if I had to choose a typical student, it would be this: someone who specifically attends this school to get the best education possible. They are not there to party and make friends. They are there to learn and thrive in their education journey, and along the way they meet students doing the same exact thing there. That is what the students are like at Centenary College. They are determined and concerned about the things that really matter. We help each other, and lend a shoulder to cry on when needed. This is just the experience I have had. I have never met someone "bad" at this school. Of course there is the occasional stress, but what student doesn't have that? I am glad to consider myself a Centenary College student.

Anonymous, Student, Centenary College, Class of 2018

Most students are athletic and play some sort of sport or participate in equine activities. Centenary students are either very motivated and driven or they have no motivation at all.

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