What is a typical Cottonwood High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Cottonwood High School.


Anonymous, Student, Cottonwood High School, Class of 2017

The students in cottonwood are really enthusiastic everything we do. We are very diverse and welcome any one. We are always helping each other in our need. I was a freshman last year i am now going to be sophomore when i first got their i was so scared and felt like outcast like i will not belong there and i wont make any friends and the teacher will be really strict but i was able to make friend quickly and all teacher were really nice. We in cottonwood welcome any kinds of students. You don't have to anything to be attend cottonwood we all will find our own special thing that we are good at together: with the help from the teacher, your fellow peers and most importantly you and we celebrate your win. We show colt pride everywhere we go.

Anonymous, Student, Cottonwood High School, Class of 2015

We call ourselves Colts, I don't know why because this is my second year at the school and I never really tried to ask what it is for. But I know that the school expects from a Colt to be respectful, study for the best results and to share his knowledge and culture with others. According to what i have been explained, our school is the most diverse in the country. There are so many origins each of us have. We also have a lot of exchange students who come over for one year and go back to their countries. There are also lots of African and Irakian refugees as well as others. It is a very big family and we expect everybody to interact with others and make new students feel welcomed.

Anonymous, Student, Cottonwood High School, Class of 2016

A typical Cottonwood High School student is very smart, outgoing, and respectful. If you care about your grades and have major goals that you want to accomplish then you should definitely attend Cottonwood High School.

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