What is a typical O Fallon High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend O Fallon High School.


Anonymous, Student, O Fallon High School, Class of 2016

This is always one of my favorite questions to be asked. Reason being, there is not one O'Fallon Panther who is the same! We all range from different backgrounds and yet we find comfort in being different. There isn't a ton of "cliques" at our high school, which typically is the case. It is sort of strange to be honest, walking through the hallways seeing the variety in walking groups. Our friendship is spread evenly throughout the school. You don't belong to just one group, you belong to all. You never have to feel like an outsider for not joining an athletic sport or a popular extracurricular activity. You can be yourself without the fear of disapproval or judgment. That's the beauty of being an OTHS panther, because anyone can and should attend OTHS.

Anonymous, Student, O Fallon High School, Class of 2016

A typical high school student at O'Fallon is driven and determined. The honors program at our school is a big deal so a typical student is usually very smart. Its important to them to make good grades and succeed in school so they can go on to a good college. Besides for academics, most students here have a ton of school spirit and they show it in our yearly pep rallies and homecoming weeks. They have pride in their school and are proud to say they go to O'Fallon when talking to other schools.

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