Would you recommend attending Mountain View High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Mountain View High School, Class of 2018

I would definitely, without a doubt recommend attending Mountain View. Every school has its flaws and this school is no different, but there's something for everyone. There is a plethora of clubs and activities to join and if you don't find a club that fits your interest it's super easy to start one. Thursdays we have an open mic at lunch where people can sing and hang out. Our student council sets up speakers outside the bookstore in our main plaza during spirit weeks so everyone can enjoy music and hang out with their friends. I think one thing that makes our school unique is our academy system. Every student signs up for an academy. They are Health and Medical Sciences (HMS), Business and Human Services (BHS), Academy of the Arts (AOTA), and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Students sign up for the academy they think will be associated with the career of their choice. The school groups students of the same academy during II (Instructional Intervention) which is basically a free period/tutoring period. Students in the same II are looking for similar fields of work so it's kind of interesting talking to some of them and realizing they have some of the same interests. Mountain View is a very diverse school, but everyone has a place to fit in and that's what makes me proud to be a mountain lion.

Anonymous, Student, Mountain View High School, Class of 2016

If I had the choice, I would recommend attendance at my school. First, more than I have seen in any other school, our teachers legitimately care about our success. At other schools, teachers are bored, resigned at the prospect of their mediocre salary, and annoyed when students ask questions. This is quite opposite from my school, where teachers always want to help in whatever ways they can, and care deeply for the students they are teaching. Because of this, teachers also function as mentors, and always make sure they do what is best for us. Though there are many other reasons why I would recommend attending my school, like the pride we hold, our plethora of extracurricular programs, and a true model for what society will be like after high school, the most important reason I would recommend my high school is because of the teachers who always care about us.

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