Which 3 extracurricular activities at Danville High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Danville High School, Class of 2015

Danville has been known for years for having an extracurricular activity that may not excel or compete well, but the football program at Danville has always been seen as the prestige few or the best of the best in the school. Even though this is the biggest and most loved extra-curricular activity in the school, I do not suggest it unless you absolutely love football. Football in Danville is politics, you don't get to play unless you or your family has some kind of connection.

Next, is the fastest growing club/activity in the school. Band (For this year) starts in sixth grade and has three different bands. Sixth grade is beginner band, seventh and eighth is Jr. High, and then from ninth to twelfth is High School Band. Bands compete in marching and concert competitions and receive trophies depending on their placement and scores. If there was a club/activity I had to suggest it would be band. You will usually have fun and almost always be seen as an equal by other band members.

Lastly is the soccer program, even though the program started in 2012, the soccer team consists of around 50 players (Boys and Girls). The school trying to start a program for years, because they knew of the popularity of the sport among students, now it is on of the biggest teams in the school and gives students another option for things to do after school. I personally would not play it, but from what I've heard about the team and how fun it is, if you like playing soccer, you should play for the team.

Anonymous, Student, Danville High School, Class of 2015

Soccor, football, and basketball. I would recommend basketball. It's a fun sport to play for boys and girls. Its a way to become close with other people that love to do the same thing as you.

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