What are the dorms like?


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According to the website, http://housing.uci.edu/housingOptions/Mesa_Court.html, UC-Irvine offers a variety of attractive options in on-campus housing, and provides students the option to live with others who share a common interest, or "theme," at each location.

Mesa Court provides single-gender suites with a common room, as well as a living room, kitchen, and laundry on each hall. The suites are primarily double occupancy rooms, with a few singles and triples.

Middle Earth's suites—situated in the heart of campus—provide the same primary amenities as Mesa Court, and contain double or triple occupancy rooms in largely co-ed suites. However, some single gender or gender-neutral are available.

Arroyo Vista most exemplifies UC-Irvine's commitment to themed housing. These communities are co-ed if theme-based by a student's major or other shared interest. Greek societies are single gender. Arroyo Vista residents, located on the East side of campus, take a convenient shuttle to class.

Unlike Mesa and Middle Earth students, Arroyo students have the option to make their own meals rather than purchase the mandatory meal plan; thus, Arroyo suites contain larger kitchens, along with a living room and study room.

A variety of year-round undergraduate and graduate apartment housing options are also available on-campus.

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