Which 3 extracurricular activities at Lafayette High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Lafayette High School, Class of 2016

Our Pep Club is super popular because it is open to EVERYONE!! I am the President of the club this year and it has been my favorite club all through high school. What we do is support our athletic teams by attending as many sporting events as possible and cheering as loudly as we possibly can. We support other areas of our school, like the drama and music departments, by attending their performances as well! I highly recommend this club, and the cool t-shirts you get for being a member :) Perhaps the most popular extracurricular at LHS is the sports teams. We have an extremely talented school and our teams always have large turnouts to tryouts. We have been very successful facing our competition and have won major awards, not only for our success, but also for our sportsmanship and integrity. I ran indoor track and played soccer for LHS and loved every second of it. Being a part of a team is a great way to make friends and do what you love all at the same time. The pep club does a great job of making sure game attendance is high, so every sport feels important and has some kind of crowd! LHS athletes are the best athletes in the Burg, hands down. I couldn't imagine my high school career without sports, so I really recommend trying out for something, even if you've never played! The final extracurricular at Lafayette that is popular are the Honor Societies. Although these have requirements, so many students apply and are a part of them. We have several different societies, such as math, science, and languages, and they are all great! The Honor Societies meet just like clubs (about once a month) and are a lot of fun. They look good on college applications and they're also a really good way to give back to your community, because for almost of them tutoring is a requirement to stay in. If you have a talent for a subject, join the honor society and tutor someone; you could really make a difference to another student!!!

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