What are 5 adjectives that describe a typical student at USC?


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To attend the university of southern California, I beleived that a student should have school spirit and should want to be academically challenged. I also think they should be willing to get involved on campus, as most students do and should be open to meeting to people and making friends with people from diverse backgrounds and different ways of life. Finally, I believe that a student should want to better themselves academically by using calendar, personally, and spiritually because USC really emphasizes growing and learning all sorts of new things throught your four years there.

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kylefur, University of Southern California '16

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Balanced, Ambitious, Cultured, Brilliant, Attractive

Admitsee student at University of Southern California, University of Southern California '19

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Friendly: As a USC admit, I was allowed to enter the official USC group for newly admitted Trojans. I had been in other admitted student groups before, but USC stood out amongst them all. In the USC group, everyone was super open and curious about one other. We have shared our favorite books, movies, love of Netflix and Chipotle, and distaste for Bruins. In all seriousness, the caliber of students in my class is amazing. Sub groups have been created to further connect and collaborate with one another: Entrepreneur Group, Musicians Group, Black Students Group, Girls and Guys Room mate Search. I feel a sense of security and love with people I have not even met because we are all a part of the Trojan family. >Brilliant: I know that USC is comprised of some of the most talented students in the world, but what I I've seen personally is amazing! If you are ever curious about a certain subject, hobby, or even starting a business, there are several Trojans who are experts at their respective fields who will gladly help you out! >Driven >Helpful: In regards to financial aid woes, signing up for orientation, or other questions we may have, my future classmates are a great and helpful source of information. Current USC students also help us through the group whenever they can as well! >Spirited: All of my classmates are infected with the Trojan Spirit! We have shared pictures of ourselves proudly wearing our Trojan gear, and have bonded over it.

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