What is a typical San Jacinto High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend San Jacinto High School.


Anonymous, Student, San Jacinto High School, Class of 2016

Oh my, hard question. Well I believe the average student is a street smart, dying to be independent, highly sassy, but strictly sweet individual. San Jacinto high is full of students with get senses of humor and very unique styles. Our high school looks nothing like the movies, everyone has "squads" or "clicks" (groups of friends) that are all different. Our school is very diverse, that's for sure. Who should attend San Jacinto High school? Anyone with the ability to respect our staff and still have fun. Anyone who can hang out without drugs being involved, anyone who wants to graduate and be successful more than they want to breath. I guess what I'm saying is, we are all just trying to avoid working at the McDonalds, that's next to our school, for the rest of our lives. Every high school has its problems though.

Anonymous, Student, San Jacinto High School, Class of 2017

There would be no typical student at our school, there is no typical student in any school to be said. But if say their would be a typical student it would be a short Mexican that has a little bit of spice. But she would be smart and sassy. She would like to enjoy school but hardly be recognized but anyone.

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