What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Monterey Peninsula College?


Anonymous, Student, Monterey Peninsula College, Class of 2016

  1. Go to the football games when there at the home stadium.
  2. Go to the gym with friends.
  3. Hang with friends around campus during break times.
Anonymous, Student, Monterey Peninsula College, Class of 2017

At Monterey Peninsula College, we students love to take advantage of our city's gorgeous scenery. Located on the southern fringe of the Monterey Bay on California's Central Coast, Monterey is a paradise right off the page of a novel; a John Steinbeck novel to be more precise. At our world renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium, you can feel the spirit of the city bubbling in the marine reservoir, you will lose yourself in the illumination of a glowing, bobbing jellyfish. What you cannot see at the aquarium, you can find on the shores of our beautiful sea. My friends and I take our bikes and ride until salty air mists our skin and hair invitingly. Welcomed by the warm sand between our bare toes, we search for the perfect spot for a bonfire. With cinders rising and people gathering from all corners, we watch the sangria sunset falling over the horizon. One summer, we not only spotted a playful pod of dolphins speeding and leaping by, but also the great, climactic crash of a huge humpback whale's tale emerging from the waves. When we students are not buried in beach sands, we are downtown on historic Alvarado Street, hunting for the live music that pulsates through the heart of the city. The world knows us for the unforgettable Monterey Jazz Festival which started in 1958, making it the longest continually running yearly jazz festival in the world, but we have it all. The hot salsa and funk bands are my favorite, however, there are psychedelic, classic rock, and classical musicians if you prefer. There are many treasures to be found in our rocky coast paradise, making our city a haven for young people and students. The dreamy idyll of Monterey makes going to school feel friendly and cozy, like home. From the roots of our soil bloom the minds of Monterey's youth and the world's fortune.

Anonymous, Student, Monterey Peninsula College, Class of 2015

Around here students love to do outdoor activities such as surfing, kayaking, deep-sea fishing and also hiking. The weather is generally breezy and cool much of the year, so when we have sunny days, we stay outside as long as possible!

Anonymous, Student, Monterey Peninsula College, Class of 2018

They go to athletic events, They join campus clubs or students join sports teams with their friends.

Anonymous, Student, Monterey Peninsula College, Class of 2016

  1. Hang out in the awesome student center we have.
  2. Get some quiet study time on the first floor of the library, no talking on the second level!
  3. Pick a grassy area (that isn't overtaken by Canadian Geese) and bask in the sun.

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