Would you recommend attending Woodside High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Woodside High School, Class of 2016

I would very strongly recommend attending Woodside. High school will be some of the most challenging years of your life, but it will also be the some of the most important and inspiring. Because of this, I'm sure there is no school I would rather go to than this one. The sense of unity that comes with attending Woodside is something I won't ever forget, and I would highly recommend anyone else to experience it.

Anonymous, Student, Woodside High School, Class of 2016

Yes, I would definitely recommend attending Woodside High School. Since we are a magnet arts school, students will not only learn required subjects, but also get to participate in classes like drama, piano, creative writing, and many others that interest them.

Anonymous, Student, Woodside High School, Class of 2017

I attend Woodside High school because I know I have the option of going somewhere else. Without the unique and creative ways of making the school a more comfortable place, Woodside would not have the positive reputation it withholds. These aspects of the school are what make Woodside so desirable, any and all students have the ability to fit in. Meaning, I would highly recommend this school to all students that request my opinion.

Anonymous, Student, Woodside High School, Class of 2016

I would recommend Woodside to any musically talented student. This school has many different programs that can relate to any music talent. They have piano, guitar, orchestra, band (at least 3 different types), chorus (a least 5 different levels), and of course the music theory classes, including an AP Music Theory class. Woodside, in general, was created for anyone who is talented in the music field or another similar artistical field.

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