Would you recommend attending Elk Grove High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Elk Grove High School, Class of 2017

I would recommend it, its the best school ever! Some of our teachers are fun and barely any of the classes are boring. Most of the people on campus are nice and usually just stay in our own groups so none of the group rivalries like in the movie Mean Girls. Plus our school is super old, been there since dirt was invented i bet, so it looks all vintage. Also we are the only school to have lockers in our district! Thank you for our Principle, Ms. Guy, for letting us keep them so we don't have to carry books everywhere. Our school lunches are so good too! Doesn't that sound weird, a school lunch actually good. No but really the Spicy Checkin Wraps and Burrito Bowls are like Chipotle or some other restaurant. Even though I only been to one High School, I don't want to leave because overall I think its a great school.

Anonymous, Student, Elk Grove High School, Class of 2016

For someone who is looking to enroll at a public school, I would recommend Elk Grove High School. Not highly, since I know there are better schools, but I would say it is a nice school. Though it is the oldest in our school district, the passion for teaching that teachers have here - old or new - is amazing and is definitely a positive factor in enhancing the learning environment. The campus is not the nicest campus - with old lockers and portables, however, the education a student receives makes up for all of that.

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