What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at North Central College?


Anonymous, Student, North Central College, Class of 2018

  1. Go to the sport games
  2. Students start/ participate in clubs and organizations
  3. Walk downtown Naperville/ walk on the riverwalk
Anonymous, Student, North Central College, Class of 2018

1.) Most students at North Central don't party on the weekends. We don't have any Greek associations because the majority of students came to our school for a serious education. To relax, most students will kick back and watch Netflix.

2.) For those who can't or don't go home on the weekends, the school hosts events on campus that usually involve some sort of prizes or raffles. These are hit-or-miss, ranging from Bingo to Harry Potter Fan Fests to Bonfires. Attendance varies, depending on the degree of lameness.

3.) For the smaller percentage of less serious students who just want to "have a good time," the sport houses often throw large parties off-campus and provide drugs and alcohol for anyone who cares to come. These parties are usually remembered by the STIs, pregnancy scares, arrests, and broken hearts that typically follow. Clearly this is the best way to spend your parents' hard-earned money.

Anonymous, Student, North Central College, Class of 2017

For fun, I would say that we enjoy socialization with friends, attending school events, and and generally hanging out on campus.

Anonymous, Student, North Central College, Class of 2018

The CUAB Club at North Central College hosts various activities on Friday nights. Some of my favorites have included casino night, life-sized game night, bingo night, and movie nights. There are also sporting events that students like to attend such as football and basketball games. North Central College has a wonderful performing arts program. Their musical and play productions are absolutely stunning, I really enjoying seeing the majority of the shows.

Anonymous, Student, North Central College, Class of 2017

At North Central College we like to explore downtown Naperville, we like to attend CUAB events in which every weekend CUAB hosts a new event. we also like to take a shuttle bus to the Naperville mall in which we can shop or just hangout and escape the campus.

Anonymous, Student, North Central College, Class of 2017

Being blocks away from Downtown Naperville, there are ample amounts of activities to do here at North Central. First moving in, I noticed right across the street from my dorm, a bunch of students surrounding Jefferson Park. Ir may just look like a regular patch of grass, but North Central students make it into their own. Students often do homework under the trees, pass/play ball, especially the lacrosse players, and just lounge and bask in the sun before the first snow fall. What I like to do when the sun falls is to go with a couple of my friends and enjoy walking around downtown. There is so much to do there. For instance, little boutiques, froyo/gelato shops, a couple of doggy stores, top brand clothing stores, the list is almost endless. Also, not far from campus is the River Walk. The River Walk is beautiful especially at night with all the lights illuminating the sidewalk, and the lights from downtown shining on the water. It's always a nice, relaxing time getting away from all the school work, and just talking a walk with a couple of your friends and being able to be apart of the Naperville community.

Anonymous, Student, North Central College, Class of 2016

Students will typically go drinking, go into downtown Chicago, or will play sports or video games amongst each other.

Anonymous, Student, North Central College, Class of 2019

The top 3 things students do for fun are play sports, go to the community beach/pool, and go shopping downtown.

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