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What is a typical Onate High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Onate High School.


Anonymous, Student, Onate High School, Class of 2016

A typical Onate High School student is just like any other teenager -- phone obsessed, fun seeking and usually groggy in the morning. However, Onate high school has a special bond that links students together. With many readily helping teachers and kind students, the school as a whole offers many opportunities for social congregation and educational superiority that allows Onate to boast the highest graduation rate in the district.

Anonymous, Student, Onate High School, Class of 2016

A typical day at Onate High involves you getting to school and the bell ringing at 8:30 am; which is very helpful to some students because this gives them 10 extra mintues. Then, you make your way to first/second period, or your locker- whichever comes first. You spend about 80 minutes in class then the bell rings again. You then move on to your third/fourth period which is the same amount of time. After second period, it is lunch time- which is most fun if you have qualified for an "off-campus" pass; then you can leave school for lunch. If you don't have this pass, you can go to the school cafeteria or the lunch trucks outside. After that, you have fifth/ sixth period for 80 minutes and then seventh/ eighth period. It all depends on the day (odd or even) that depends on the blocked or full year class you have. Then after seventh/ eighth- you go home be it on a bus, driving, parent pickup, walking, or stay after school for whatever activities/clubs.

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