What is a typical Fort Kent Community High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Fort Kent Community High School.


Anonymous, Student, Fort Kent Community High School, Class of 2016

The majority of students in my school come from French-Canadian ancestry, their origins stemming from some of the earliest inhabitants of the region, both in Canada and in northern Maine. Each person has his/her own story. Most were born here; others were brought here from a variety of circumstances. Being the small town that Fort Kent is, many students fail to set their sights high enough, settling for the simple opportunities offered to them in the area, such as the medical profession (there is a big hospital in the area bustling with volunteers), or areas in forestry (there happen to be quite a few trees in the vicinity). Students here are young and live and have fun. Many have few ideas about what lies after high school. Those who do are often following in others' footsteps.

The person who should attend this school should be one in appreciation of the regional culture and one who values simplicity. The school is far from perfect but can more than suffice for a decent high school experience.

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