We want our children to finish grades 11 and 12 at this school. How much will it cost for them to study here?


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North Caroline High School is a public school and as such its paid for by taxes. Students living in the attendance zone for this school don't pay any tuition or fees. If you're planning on moving to this area, your children will also be able to attend for free. Keep in mind that you will have to provide a proof of residency, income, immunization, as well as school records when registering your child at the school.

If you're interested in having your children attend North Caroline as part of a study abroad program, or through some other non-traditional program, I recommend calling the school at (410) 479-2332, or calling the school district at 410-479-1460. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any useful email addresses for you to contact; however, you may want to visit the school district's website.

Best of luck! If these resources don't help you, feel free to come back here and ask more follow up questions!

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