What was a typical Longwood University student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend Longwood University.


Anonymous, Student, Longwood University, Class of 2015

A typical student may not have been the top of their class in high school. However, by the time they graduate from Longwood they will have used their experience in and out of the classroom as well as their internship to become well rounded and highly marketable student leaders.

Anonymous, Student, Longwood University, Class of 2017

Longwood University attracts students that like to be really involved. In high school, you typically gain popularity based on looks and perceptions even if they aren't true. Here at Longwood, the most well-known students on campus are those who are involved in many different organizations, really putting themselves out there and willing to help the community. A typical student here realizes that academics come first but that in order to have a more enjoyable experience, it's important to really get involved and give back to others.

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