Describe the type of student who should attend Union Grove High School. Why?


Anonymous, Parent of student at Union Grove High School

One who like to be challenged. UGHS is all about the academics and keeping you track for college. They have the highest GPA's, test scores and lowest dropout rate in the region. Teachers truly care about their students and it shows.

Anonymous, Student, Union Grove High School, Class of 2016

Any type of student should attend Union Grove High School. UGHS offers many diverse opportunities for students. The school provides access to clubs, groups, athletics, theatre, choir, arts and media, and other extracurricular opportunities in addition to an education curriculum that covers college prep, AP courses, Vanguard courses, Gateway Technical College courses, business, tech ed, foreign language, and all the standard science, math, social studies, arts, physical education, and English classes. I have personally chosen to take the college prep courses and have participated in athletics during my 4 years of high school. I had personal input in my class selection which allowed me to study areas that pertain to my future career goal of being a physical therapist and obtaining my DPT degree. I have participated in football, wrestling, baseball, and golf. My greatest achievement so far was battling through ACL, meniscus, and ankle fracture injuries my Sophomore year and rehabbing back to health through hard work and motivation, making it to the WIAA State Wrestling Tournament Junior year. UGHS utilizes athletic training services through a local health care organization. This athletic trainer participated in my rehabilitation and was there for me at my school. I have had excellent experiences with my teachers and my coaches. They have provided me with great mentorship and have been key in helping me enjoy my high school life. I am able to work out at 5:45 am with a personalized work out plan, attend classes on or off campus, seek help after school if I need further help understanding concepts in a specific class, compete in my sporting practices and events, and attend other athletic and social events. I have a great group of friends. I can honestly say that I am glad I am a student athlete at UGHS. I am proud of all my accomplishments and hope and pray that I continue to use this foundation I have built at UGHS to further my success and studies in college.

Anonymous, Student, Union Grove High School, Class of 2016

The type of student to attend Union Grove should be someone who is devoted to doing their schoolwork. It is easy to start to fall behind if you do not want to do the work. Union Grove is not diverse, but it would make the school better if we had a different variety of students attending such a tight knit school.

Anonymous, Student, Union Grove High School, Class of 2016

Union Grove High School is a great high school to prepare you for college. There are many advanced classes that prepare you for the rigor you will experience in college.

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