What is a typical Presbyterian College student like? Describe the type of person that should attend Presbyterian College.


Anonymous, Student, Presbyterian College, Class of 2019

A typical Presbyterian College student is faithful, kind, and supportive. In order to attend and fit in at Presbyterian College one must be accepting towards all others. At PC we do not discriminate nor hate in any type of way or fashion. PC is a family, and anyone who is looking for a family should attend Presbyterian College.

Anonymous, Student, Presbyterian College, Class of 2018

The typical PC student is someone who truly understands our motto "Dum Vivimus Servimus" meaning while we live we serve. PC believes in serving others and helping the community around us. The students love others well and understand what it means to put others before yourself. Rarely on campus do you pass someone who is not smiling, because your classmates are also your friends. The students at Presbyterian College always come together as one to ensure that our motto will always be upheld throughout the previous, current, and the classes to come.

Anonymous, Student, Presbyterian College, Class of 2017

The typical PC student is southern and very respectful of others. We all know each other and become really close. If someone is looking into Presbyterian College they should know that we accept all people no matter their views or lifestyle and that there is a niche for them anywhere.

Anonymous, Student, Presbyterian College, Class of 2015

Anybody can attend Presbyterian College. A future student must like the close personal relations you have with you teachers. Also, one must be open minded to having fun on such a small campus. There are so many fun things to do, but you must be proactive about it.

Anonymous, Student, Presbyterian College, Class of 2016

The student who attends Presbyterian College (PC) should want a small school atmosphere with smaller classes. At PC, you don't just blend into the background. You're acknowledged & remembered by your professors. If you want individual attention, this school is for you. If you don't like being singled out or everyone knowing you, this isn't the school for you.

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