Describe the type of student who should attend College of Lake County. Why?


Anonymous, Student, College of Lake County, Class of 2016

College of Lake County is for the student who is looking for a more personal education style. When a student goes to a four year school they expect to find bigger class sizes and instructors who are less than personal. The thing about College of Lake County is anything but that. Students should expect to find that classes are more personal than those of Universities. They are the ones who are able to get to know their professors by showing up during office hours for additional assistance so that they may be able to understand the material. In addition to that the class sizes are much smaller which allows for the student to find a helping hand allowing them an even better chance of succeeding in their classes. Students are paying about $300 less per credit hour for what I believe is a better education style than that of other schools. Having this information being presented it should be clear that the type of student who attends College of Lake County should be the one who enjoys smaller class sizes, more opportunities for help, and less expensive tuition.

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