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What are three Smith College events everyone should know about?


Caroline Lim, I am currently a Smith College sudent

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  1. Smith College Convocation- This event is at the beginning of the year and is the biggest welcome any Smithie could get! It is filled with extreme excitement for the beginning of the year and is one of the greatest traditions we have. This optional event is typically very well attended and exposes Smithies to the diverse community of the student body.
  2. Illuminations- The end of the year holds a lot of nostalgia, thrill, and closure, but this event held the night before commencement is a beautiful night filled with music, special events, family and friends. Every Smith graduate will experience Illuminations at least once, but for those who perform and experience it before their senior year they are in for a real treat.
  3. Finals massages- Every finals period, Smith hires 10 or so masseuses to give students who sign up in time a ten minute massage to relieve some stress from finals. This usually happens in the Campus center or Chapel.

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