I have 50K in student loans, I currently have a part time job and my parents get paid as much as me. I moved into my parents house so I can start paying off my debt. Do you have any tips in paying this debt? Should I use all of my money paying it off or should I go to grad school and hope I can get a better job and go deeper in debt?


Jillian Youngblood, Director of Community Relations at Noodle

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A good first step is to to contact American Student Assistance, a non-profit organization that provides counseling on managing student loans. You can call or email them directly. It's also worth checking out this publication from ASA to see if you may be eligible for any kind of loan forgiveness. Lastly, the Project on Student Debt doesn't provide one-on-one counseling, but does have a lot of great resources.

Justin Intal, Justin N. Intal, "Business Development Associate at Noodle"

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Hi! There are new alternatives to battle student loan debt. Personally, I like to know everything about it and categorize them-- I use Tuition.io to put them all in one place. A company worth checking out to help you consolidate you loans is SoFi (https://www.sofi.com/). With regards to your question about going to grad school, would you be able to pay that off or would it dig you deeper in a hole? It all varies with what you are going to study, how much grad school is, and what are the opportunities afterwords.

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