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What was your experience at Brown University?


Anonymous, martin garix

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Robert Dale, Why are Brown students so happy

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Why are Brown students so happy? Because they are using online homework help for cheap and do not worry about they graduate! College isn't about playing Ps4 ! It's about having good relations with many of your classmates! Is there that "The best part of the school is the students!!!!" kind of feeling! Going to Brown is amazing! Ranking in the happiest schools in the country several years is simple proof.

Anonymous, Brown Alumna, 2003

My time at Brown was profound -- I absolutely loved it. What makes it so memorable is the culture of the school and the people who go there. I loved the open atmosphere, the ability to test/share ideas, and the feeling that people were really there to learn, not compete. It constantly urges students to push, to question, and to create. The people I met there are some of the most interesting I know and many of my closest friends now come from my time there. I take pride in seeing what graduates are doing now, whether accepting the Presidential nomination for the next Fed Chair or being one of the several graduate who go into 'careers for the common good' (Brown is ranked #1 in this area). The major challenge of my experience at Brown was that I got a little lost in the open curriculum structure. I wish I had known how to seek help from the advisors and peer mentors that Brown offered as I had trouble directing my own learning. If you go, make sure you're seeking the support you need to get the most out of the amazing classes and professors to which Brown offers access.

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