Are the teachers at Valley Forge High School equally fair to all students, regardless of race?


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This is a difficult question to answer without direct experience with Valley Forge High School's teachers. This school is one of three high schools in the Parma City School District, which also includes Normandy High School and Parma High School. Of the three schools, Valley Forge has the highest percentage of racial and ethnic minorities, at 15% total compared to 8% at Normandy and 13% at Parma. To give perspective, Ohio's schools have a statewide average of 26% racial and ethnic minorities. In addition, 38% of Valley Forge's students receive free or reduced lunch, compared with 47% statewide. These figures can give you some context for assessing the school environment.

There have been complaints that Valley Forge's teachers and administrators don't adequately address bullying incidents, which you can read about here. There was also a fight recently covered in local media, which you can read about here. It seems as if administrators tried to intervene in this episode, and it is difficult to know exactly what caused the conflict.

Many schools offer tours to prospective families, and seeing the school firsthand is another valuable way to evaluate how respectful the teachers and administrators are to all students. Check out Noodle's article on Questions to Ask on Your High School Tour.

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