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Can someone give me an example of a typical Friday night a Lehigh?


Brian Monetti, Lehigh class of 2011

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Students take part in a whole range of activities! Frat parties up on the hill are very popular, but aren't for everybody. More popular was probably hanging out with smaller groups of friends in dorms and houses off campus. There are also lots of activities run by the school, ranging from concerts to pumpkin decorating contests. Lehigh has a huge range of students, and it was easy to make friends. If you want to spend your friday night schmoozing in order to get into a certain frat, catching up on work in architecture studio, or playing the latest Halo game with friends, you will definitely find people who are into the same things as you. Most students, though, spend weekends on campus. There isn't much to do in the immediate area except for a few smoke filled bars, but there is enough happening on campus to keep you having fun!

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