How does the full-time MBA program at the Carlson School of Management provide students with hands-on experience?


Anonymous, Applicant visiting school

The Carlson School of Management offers four Enterprise programs as part of the Full-Time MBA curriculum—Brands, Consulting, Ventures, and Funds—that provide an in-depth, transformational experience.

In Brand, Consulting and Ventures, students work on high-profile, fee-based consulting projects with professionals at client organizations who expect real results. Students in the Funds Enterprise are responsible for a small capitalization growth fund and a fixed income fund that combine for an asset total of more than $35 million. That figure puts Carlson in the top three student-managed investment funds in the world, based on assets under management.

Being part of a Carlson Enterprise gives students intensive real world and the depth of professional experiences that allow them to hit the ground running faster and make them exceptionally more competitive in the MBA job placement landscape.

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