What was your experience at this school?


Sehreen, Attended from 1993-1995

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Middle school sorta perpetuates Murphy's Law. You're already at the most awkward part of your teens and then you have to negotiate acne, moving to a new school, and pretending that you're allowed to watch all the latest R-rated films. For some, Longfellow exacerbated this awkwardness, and I discovered in high school that a lot of my friends hated it. For some reason, I actually had a pretty decent experience. Academically, it was fine, but not stellar. I remember being in science class and being paired up with the kid who never showed up and having to do all the work; of course, that wasn't pleasant and I don't think the school did a good job of really personalizing instruction so that everyone could succeed. We also had classes in trailers, which was not fun. The gym was pretty small and the track was in high-demand. Socially, though, it was fun to be in class with new people, go on band trips (back then it was cool), and have a bonafide, pre-high school social life. Overall, Longfellow was fine but if it had been more than 2 years, it might've been too much...

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