How did Brandeis influence your major? What is it about the campus, the people, and the experience that made you go in that direction?


Selena Livas, Brandeis Noodle Brand Ambassador

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I started out as a math major. I decided that it wasn’t right for me after speaking to some grad students and finding out that my career options would be a tad limited. I also met other math majors and they were so sure that math was their passion and I realized that I just didn’t love it as much as them. I then changed to economics. Brandeis has an amazing business school so the classes I took in the econ department really made me excited to get into the subject. Economics and business is also one of the most popular majors so I was able to meet other econ majors and see that we all had similar interest levels and career goals. I’d say that the people and the quality of the departments I was studying in had the biggest influence on my major.

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