Is it possible to make a venn diagram for slavery/Industrial revolution? Trying to show the impact of the IR had on slavery


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I would not recommend a Venn Diagram as the best way to visualize the impact that the industrial revolution had on slavery. Call me old school, but a bit of writing may be best for making this argument. You, however, could visualize this with a timeline or a flow chart. Example

I'm assuming you're referring to the United States. The cotton gin was an invention of the industrial revolution and completely revitalized the cotton industry in the United States - dramatically increasing its commercial viability. This led to an increase in the slave trade and arguments that the country needed to maintain slavery for economic reasons - upholding slavery through the middle of the 19th century.

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Hello there. When you think about the Industrial revolution and slavery, you have to think about the abdominal work conditions there workers were under. They worked long hours, were paid very little, and were extremely expendable.

Here are a couple of articles that can give you a better idea of the work conditions and how they were similar to slavery.

Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

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