What was your experience at The University of California-Berkeley?


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Several helpful resources are available in various areas of student experience at the University of California Berkeley through their Undergraduate Experience Survey such as academic engagement, personal and student development, finances, overall satisfaction, advising and student support services. UCUES bases responses on a percentage scale from very dissatisfied to very satisfied . For example, in their overall satisfaction and agreement category there are four areas surveyed, one of which is "overall academic experience" for which 81% of student respondents claimed they were "somewhat satisfied" to "very satisfied" for the academic year 2014. The study is extensive and provides a wealth of informative topics on the student experience at UC Berkeley that may prove worthwhile for you.

Additionally there are several sites out there that provide a chance for students to express their opinions about particular aspects of their experiences such as campus housing, culture, academics and their overall experiences. Some useful excerpts from these reviews are:

"The classes here are great. The professors are all the best at their field and teach with passion that is tangible. They really are geniuses. The classes taught vary from a class on just mushrooms to hip hop to harry potter to bird watching. I guarantee that if you are looking for a specific class, you will find it (even the most random ones!) We also have what we call DeCals which are classes taught by students themselves on specific topics not offered in the academia courses. Here you will find classes on the Vampire revolution (from Dracula to Twilight), how to play the guitar, wine teaching classes and much more! What I suggest is to take your time with the options. Where else are you going to learn this stuff? By taking classes that interest you, you're taking a giant step toward your future!" Read more here.

"Despite some of the negative things and low scores I gave the school I would never have gone anywhere else. Berkeley has a range of students, friendly, arrogant, competitive, down to earth, easy going, snobby, approachable, etc. You honestly just have to find your niche and once you do, the world is literally at your fingertips. I didn't want to go to Berkeley at first, I just applied because I applied to all the UC's, but I didn't really get in anywhere else (Columbia, Northwestern, Amherst, etc) so I went up here and I fell in LOVE. There is absolutely nothing like walking down to class and having a view of the bay, golden gate bridge and san fran city skyline. I've never gotten used to it, it's beautiful! I fell in love with my major and every professor who's class I've taken, but I've done my fair share of research on ratemyprofessors.com and refuse to take a class with a professor with bad reviews." Read more here.

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