Can you tell me more about Brandeis career services? How did it help you get an internship?


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The career services are great. The Hiatt career center has a website that has a bunch of local internship and job listings. They’re helpful when it comes to resume and cover letter reviews. They also have job fairs and speakers that are a really useful resource. I know a lot of people who have met employers through one of these job fairs. I personally found my summer internship online myself, but I did use the career center to review my resume first and they made some easy, helpful suggestions. The thing with the career center is that they have resources to help students in almost any stage of finding or maintaining a career/ job; students just have to take the time to search them out and make appointments at the career center. While it’s easy to put off doing this, Hiatt has pretty flexible hours to accommodate different schedules. They also send out emails that include what events they’re holding that week or month and these happen year round.

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