I’m concerned about making ethical business decisions that are consistent with my personal values. Is Southeastern University prepared to equip me for that?


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The MBA program administrators at Southeastern University are keenly aware that, in light of the recent financial crisis, many people have lost faith in the business community. They’ve made it a top priority to educate business leaders with a strong moral and ethical foundation in order to restore that lost trust.

MBA students at Southeastern University are trained with an explicitly Christian worldview that forms the core of each course. The program’s stated goal is to produce “servant leaders” who make sound moral decisions based on biblical values.

That emphasis on ethics, however, does not mean that Southeastern’s program is light on content knowledge. Professors have extensive industry experience in addition to their top academic credentials, and the program emphasizes rigorous business theory, clear and concise communication, effective decision-making in unfamiliar circumstances and critical thinking, planning and research. MBA students are also encouraged to bond with and support one another, an endeavor that’s particularly helpful because of the diversity of the student body.

Southeastern’s full-time MBA program has proved helpful for students pursuing a broad range of careers, including church administrators and military members in addition to entrepreneurs.

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